Things to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is also known as a city of festival. Edinburgh celebrates 3 weeks as an art of festival. Where all the artists invited from all over the world and show their expertise which involves 1000+ stand-up, plays, music and artistic events all over town.

The fun and exciting atmosphere makes Edinburgh the best city to visit in Scotland. Mainly if you’re a food and drink lover, we must say the splendid Edinburgh restaurant and its hard-to-beat bars make it an attractive, animating year-round destination too.

Ths Scottish capital is also the priority to visit because of it’s surrounding landscape, natural beauty. it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state Edinburgh’s a picture taker’s fantasy, and conceivably the most beautiful city in the UK.

So, If you are thinking about a vacation here and you need some inspiration? Here are what you ought to get up to next time you’re visiting the city. Make a checklist of to-do things in Edinburgh and don’t forget to take some pics.

Arthur’s Seat

Image from geograph

Few cities claims an extinct volcano, Edinburgh is one of them. Volcano exploded here 350 million years ago. It is 250 meters above sea level gives an outstanding view of the city. Arthur’s Seat is located in Holyrood Park. This large, grass-covered hill is the vestige of an extinct volcano. Arthur’s Seat is visible from the city center. Arthur is the name of a king and Arthur’s Seat is the top point of that hill. You must visit it once. 

Tips for Visiting Arthur’s Seat

  • Takes 2 to 3 hours for your visit.
  • Holyrood Park is free to visit and always open.
  • Sports and Tracking shoes are not necessary, but if you plan safe walking you should need to be put on good walking shoes.
  • Take water and a snack. A cookout lunch would be nice, too!
  • It is very windy at the top. You should take your jacket in the summer months.
  • You can visit Arthur’s Seat all the time except snowing but a clear day would be ideal.

Edinburgh Castle

 Edinburgh Castle was the residence of Scottish kings and now converted as a museum. It is 135 meters above sea level situated in the middle of the City. It’s not only Edinburgh’s historic traveler place. Edinburgh Castle is the United Kingdom’s most iconic tourist attraction. Find the characters which make up Edinburgh Castle’s history. It is the conventional museum of the Honors of Scotland.

Whiskey tastings

Scotch Whisky is a word famous Whisky and Edinburgh is one of the best and the only one scotch Whisky manufacturers. 

It comes as no wonder that there are various methods to wet your whistle with whiskey in Edinburgh. 

If you’re Are you of legal drinking age in the Edinburgh and scotch lover, you should head out to know more about whiskey distillery and it’s creation process.

More Places will be added soon.

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